Exterior Only Detail 

Is the exterior of of your car looking a little worse for wear? whether it's your daily drive or your weekender, Proline has a tailored solution for you and your vehicle. We can do anything from a light brighten up to a multistage paint correction. We can rectify scratches, swirls, sap stains and paint transfers.


  • Snow Foam & Rinse

  • Fall out / Decontamination

  • Hand Wash & Rinse

  • Doorjambs cleaned

  • Engine Bay Cleaned & dressed

  • Wheel Arches Cleaned

  • Detail wheel faces & inner barrels, tyres

  • Your choice of Single Stage or multi stage Paint Correction 

  • Your choice of Ceramic coat protection or wax sealant

  • Tyre Dressing Applied

  • Windows, rear view & vanity mirrors cleaned

  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished