About Us

Proline Automotive specialise in Ceramic Coating Detailing 

Run by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts Proline was established in 2018. Always taking great pride and care of their own fleet vehicles, and never trusting anyone else to touch them, the team wanted to develop a trustworthy experience for like-minded enthusiasts. The team delivers their service with knowledge, respect, professionalism and passion using products that they know and love. 

Proline stands by a unique philosophy that separates their service and quality of work from the rest: "One car per day"

Running their business by this rule has enabled the team to showcase their true potential on every car they lay hands on and deliver a truly unforgettable customer experience. 

In their own time you'll find the team modifying and touring their 79 Series Cruiser, meticulously cleaning their fleet of Fords and Holdens (yes, they love both!) then heading to car shows far and wide, taking their German Shepherd Misha along on all their adventures! 

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