Thank you for booking with Proline Automotive 

Prior to your appointment it is important that you read the following information and prepare your vehicle for our visit.  

Photographer: David Bourne

Owners: Patrick Hair (Left) and Amy Laws (Right)


The safety of ourselves and others is of the utmost importance to us. 

For this reason we cannot work at the following locations: 


ANY PUBLIC WALKWAY OR FOOTPATH - This presents great risk of trip hazards to members of the public and is against council regulations. Public liability insurance will not cover this type of accident. 


THE SIDE OF THE ROAD - If you have limited parking at your home unfortunately we cannot work on the side of the road. This presents great danger to us getting hit by a car or causing an accident by distracting other motorist. Public liability insurance will not cover this type of accident. 


CAR PARKS - We are not permitted to work in car parks. This presents great risk of trip hazards to members of the public and is against council regulations. Public liability insurance will not cover this type of accident. 

 If you think your location may be an issue please provide us photos prior to booking day. 


On the day of booking we need access to power and water. 

Agreed arrival time: On arrival we expect you to be at location, please be courteous and respect our time. If for some reason we are running more than 15 minutes late we will get in contact with you. 

Personal Items - Please remove all personal belongings from vehicle. Please ensure we have clear access to power and water on the day. If water access is an issue please let us know prior so we can make arrangements to cater to your needs. 


Rubbish - It is important that you get rid of rubbish from vehicle. The more time we spend cleaning up rubbish the less time we are able to spend detailing your vehicle. Receipts and documents that are left in vehicle may end up the bin.


Roof Racks - If your vehicle has roof racks fitted and you would like your roof polished and coated please have roof racks removed prior to appointment day. Alternatively we can help you on the morning of booking but will not remove or reattatch roof racks without you present. 

Baby Seats - Please remove baby seats if you wish for us to clean or leather condition rear seats. If baby seats are left in vehicle we will just wipe and vacuum around them. 

Seat Covers -  If you would like your seats vacuumed, shampooed or leather conditioned please have seat covers removed prior to our arrival. We find the most effective way to clean seat covers is by putting them through the washing machine. If you do this the day prior we are more than happy to refit them once we have cleaned the car seats. 


Personal Concerns - Please let us know if you have any specific concerns for your vehicle that we need to take special care of. Paint touch ups need to be arranged prior to appointment day so we have correct paint on hand.  


When we offer a personalised quote we require you to be truthful of the condition and age of vehicle. If you have been dishonest about a vehicle or have not stated any major time contributing factors (things such as:  severely damaged paint, excessive pet hair, heavy staining, tree sap, vomit) we hold the right to re-quote you on arrival prior to commencing work on your vehicle. It's absolutely vital that we allocate a sufficient time frame to complete job and have all the required equipment on board for the day. This being said there is no job too big or small for us, we appreciate you taking the time to explain vehicle specifics to us. If you are unsure if vehicle needs extra care please send us photos. 


All bookings are to be paid on the day of appointment. We accept PayPass, Eftpos, Swipe/Insert, and Cash. If we won’t be seeing you on the day of booking we expect payment prior to booking - please speak with us to arrange this. Bank transfer will only be accepted if completed prior to our departure. If no payment received a late fee will accumulate weekly.

Invoices are provided for all jobs completed. 


Please advise of cancellation of booking as soon as possible. All full day bookings cancelled without at least 48hrs prior notice may incur a cancellation fee. If no fee charged we will require a booking deposit for future appointments.