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  • Where is Proline Automotive based? 

Blue Mountains 

  • Will the team travel to me? 

Yes! we will travel anywhere in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and the Central west. Still not sure? drop us a line. 

  • Where can I contact and keep up to date with Proline Automotive? 


Phone: 0433335157

Instagram: @proline_automotive

Facebook: @prolineautomotive

  • Can I choose to have only the inside or outside of my car detailed? 

Sure! Get In touch and we can quote for your specific needs 

  • What brand of coatings do you use? 


  • How long does your Ceramic Coating last? 

Gtechniq is warranted for 5 years! 

  • I've booked a detail, What do I need to do in preparation? 

Remove all personal belongings including baby seats ect.. Also ensure we have clear access to power and water. If water access is an issue please let us know before hand so we can make arrangements to cater for your needs. 

  • What do I need to do following a Ceramic Coating? 

The vehicle needs to stay dry for the first 24 hours. Ideally you need to wait a week before cleaning the vehicle with any soaps. We can supply anything from the Gtechniq range or products from Meguires, Bowdens or Autoglym are all quality and give a great finish without being harsh. 

If you haven't before, use the two bucket method when washing your car, this will help reduce swirls and marring. Check YouTube for walk throughs on the method if you are unsure.