Bush Wrapz PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is relatively new in the 4WD scene. But the chances are you probably have PPF on your phone screen! This product has been widely used in all sort of applications from helicopter blades to screen protectors. Tried and tested in the US for 20 years, rest assured this product will do exactly what it was designed to do. Act as the sacrificial layer to your paintwork!

An optically clear film with self healing abilities, it is designed to stop stonechips and scratches from penetrating through to your paintwork.

The team at Proline are certified installers of Bush Wrapz and are able to supply and fit Bush Wrapz Advance and Bush Wrapz Cape Kits. All installations are completed via appointment only at  our premises in Mulgrave NSW. 

To find out more about Bush Wrapz and view the vehicles we supply and install kits for please see the BushWrapz website.