What do I need to do following a ceramic coating application?

The vehicle needs to stay dry for the first 24 hours. Ideally you need to wait a week before cleaning the vehicle with any soaps. We can supply anything from the Gtechniq range (these are the brand of products we use on the day). Products from Meguiars, Bowden's Own or Autoglym are all quality and give a great finish without being harsh. 

Can polish my car after it has been ceramic coated?

How should I wash my car?

If you haven't before, we strongly recommend using the 'Two bucket method' when washing your car. This will help reduce swirls and marring. 1 bucket for washing and 1 bucket for rinsing your sponge of dirt. Check YouTube for walk throughs on the method if you are unsure. And of course feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. 

No your vehicle should not be polished after being coated as this will void warranty as well as damage the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating. Applying non-abrasive waxes or gloss enhancers is fine. 

Can I use a drive through car wash?

We personally don't recommend using drive through car washes as they damage and scratch your paint as well as damaging any form of paint protection you may have applied to your vehicle. Self serve car washes are fine to use as long as you bring your own sponge and bucket, we don't recommend using any sort of cleaning brushes  provided at these locations.